I am a research and communications professional, specialising in healthcare research consultancy, investigative science writing/editing and knowledge exchange/impact assessment. My main roles are to answer the many complex questions that Google can’t.

Prior to this I spent 12 years as a research scientist at the University of Leeds, working on the molecular genetics of antibiotic drug resistance in bacteria. I also worked with a team of electronic engineers to develop new hybrid-bioelectronic surfaces.

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I provide a number of services for different clients.

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Research consultancy

As a buy-side trends analyst I help challenge assumptions and inform discussion on longterm healthcare investments using deep dives into the research literature, critical analysis of investor reports and interviews, and my own expertise and extensive networks.
Principal client: Baillie Gifford, Edinburgh

Knowledge exchange & Impact assessment

I work with universities and other public sector organisations to undertaken horizon scans, investigate, draft and provide training and editorial support for knowledge exchange activities and REF impact.

Principal client: University of Glasgow


I am a freelance lifestyle and editorial photographer with over seven years experience. I am also one half of The Caryls Photography, a husband and wife team providing adventurous wedding and elopement photography.

Digital communications

I work with individual researchers, groups and institutes to provide training in self-promotion and strategic communications, helping them reach specific audiences.